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From a young age, Ben performed as a soloist and ensemble member in Jazz octets, vocal ensembles, show choirs, large choral groups, and was selected as a member of the All-State choir. This dedication to his craft culminated in Ben receiving a scholarship to one of the top music schools in the country, Berklee College of Music, where he graduated on the Dean’s List. Since graduating college, Ben has performed his catalog of original songs at a multitude of venues across Los Angeles and Orange County, and has worked with countless students to help cultivate their own skills.

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Private music instruction specializing in voice, guitar, piano, songwriting, and music theory.

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I have been going to Ben for vocal coaching/singing lessons for over a year now and my experience with him from the beginning till now has been nothing but positive. Through attending lessons with Ben I have been able to improve my singing with techniques and practice guided by Ben. He is very descriptive when explaining vocal techniques and rides a perfect balance of not pushing you to strain your voice but also moving you toward improvement. He has been able to help me with any style of song I have asked him to work on, including a song in Spanish on one occasion. I cannot recommend Ben enough for vocal lessons and I personally will continue to go to him for the foreseeable future.

Andres G.

I’ve always had a curiosity about singing but felt terrified to take lessons because “I don’t have a good voice.” I felt as if singing was a gift that you were born with and there was probably very little you could do to build upon that genetic predisposition. I knew years of singing along poorly to songs in the car had probably developed some terrible habits as well. As a personal present to myself, I nervously decided to give some singing lessons a try and I’m so lucky I found Ben.

With sweaty palms, I drove to my first lesson - terrified because I knew that I didn’t have “it” and that I was going to be an embarrassing, tone deaf nightmare. Ben’s natural warmth and disarming nature made me feel extremely comfortable to take a chance, choke, and even be terrible. Within a lesson or two, I felt a shift in my psychology about what was possible and even felt a tiny bit of personal confidence creeping in. Within a few weeks, I had gained some significant range and had drastically altered my understanding of how people sing. It turns out that singing is not just a genetic gift - but there is a strategy that Ben can customize for your to help you focus and learn “your instrument.”

Never once have I felt that Ben’s personal mastery of his instrument has ever been positioned in a way that embarrasses me for being such a goofy little novice. He’s always eager to explore songs that I bring to him and help me dissect the material while giving me countless practical tips, quick exercises, and motivation. He loves getting into the technical nitty gritty if that’s your focus or he can go right to the feeling and soul of a song without burdening you with too many things to think about at once.

If you’ve always wanted to be a better singer and you don’t know where to start - you simply need a great mentor like Ben. You need someone who can take the edge off the vulnerability, provide customized feedback that you’d *never* get from a YouTube channel, and help you to explore the music you cherish and find your way inside of it without feeling like a talentless idiot as you do so. Ben is absolutely incredible. I’ve been working with him for over a year now and I look forward to every lesson - and no more sweaty palms.

Alex G.

We have been using Ben for voice the past five years. As a dancer, my daughter had no previous experience in this area. She was shy and apprehensive at first. Ben provided a very open space for her to learn the technique and art of singing. He is always patient and kind allowing her to grow in confidence. As an educator myself, I would highly recommend Ben as a voice instructor. He creates a positive, strong learning environment for all ages. My daughter is now in high school and still loves her lessons with Ben Wachman.

Claudia B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ben for over 1 1/2 years. I had no previous piano training when I started lessons. Ben has taught me piano technique and now I’m learning some of my favorite songs under his expert coaching. Ben is a professional and seasoned musician. His style is always positive which motivates me to improve. I highly recommend Ben as a teacher and coach.

Christy C.

Of all the piano teachers I worked with over the years, no other teacher has propelled me to the next level like Ben has. I have been taking piano lessons on and off for 20 years and in the two years I have been working with Ben I have seen my skill level, not to mention my knowledge of piano as a whole, take an amazing jump. Ben is kind, compassionate, and best of all very, very patient. He is an exceptional and knowledgeable teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who was interested in music lessons!

Christina M.

Starting my vocal journey was something that always intimidated me, even though singing was something I've always wanted to do. And luckily, I met Ben. Working with Ben has been an amazing, comforting, and encouraging experience. No matter the challenge, Ben is always there to give great feedback and constructive criticism that leaves me telling myself, "yes, work hard and you will get better every day." His energy is contagious and the relationships he forms with his students make every lesson less like a "class" and more like an organic jam session.

Franco M.

I started from knowing nothing about proper singing technique and have now improved to the point where I've felt very comfortable performing in front of other people on stage and in front of my friends and family. Ben is an amazingly knowledgeable, professional music teacher that has a beautiful passion for the art and an unmatched patience for students of all levels. He's always open to students' ideas and does his best to make sure we're having fun while learning and improving.

Paul R.

Ben is an incredibly talented musician and an exceptional teacher! As an adult, learning a new instrument can be intimidating but Ben’s patience, kindness and willingness to work with my learning style has made practicing guitar nothing but fun and rewarding. I have been working with Ben for more than a year now and have nothing but positive adjectives for this wonderful human being!

Kristen M.

After working with Ben Wachman for a number of years, I don't know that I could ever find a different teacher. Not only is he very musically talented, but he is extremely "In Tune" with his students' comfortabilities and capabilities. Through Wachman's teachings and working with him, I am able to sing at a level I never thought I could achieve. His patience, in tandem with the plethora of music styles he is well versed in, make him a fantastic teacher for both new and experienced musicians.

Gage K.

I’ve been working with Ben for six months, and in that short time, I’ve felt more comfortable and confident singing in front of others. My training is in Musical Theatre, but being a dancer first and foremost, I’ve always lacked the confidence with the singing portion of auditions. Working with Ben, I’ve learned the different techniques, breath work and knowing which style works best for my voice, while still wanting to stretch out of my comfort zone. Ben is careful with his words, song choices and flexibility in his clients needs. There’s a lot of communication, trust and laughs during our sessions and I couldn’t be more thankful to be working with him.

Celeste A.

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